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The American Association of Physician Liaisons Mentorship Program, now Liaison Connect, brings together liaisons from all types of organizations and all levels of experience.   This program supports professional growth and knowledge for over eighty of our members and continues to grow every month.  Liaison Connect fosters engagement, networking, and support among the AAPL members who participate.

To serve as a Mentor, you need to have a minimum of 5 years job experience as a physician liaison.  There is no requirement to be a Mentee except AAPL membership status.  Liaison Connect is especially beneficial for those with less than 3 years job experience, but even those who are senior in the role can grow by being mentored by someone more experienced.

Program Structure

  • Pairs are expected to regularly interact and collaborate for a year and can elect to continue or terminate their pairing in the Mentorship Program at the end of the year.
  • Pairs are notified of their match through email.  They should exchange contact information and set-up an "introductory meeting" via phone.  
  • A "good fit" 90-day trial period will start immediately upon pair notification to ensure that the mentoring activity is working as anticipated by all participating in the program.
  • Anytime during the first 90 days, you or your mentor may contact the program coordinator to express concern that the pairing is not the best fit for whatever reason.
  • A minimum contact of one official mentoring phone call is required per quarter.  More frequent, informal communication, such as emails or other communication, is encouraged if both parties agree.

We are very excited about this program as a membership benefit to AAPL members, and are proud of how Liaison Connect brings together dynamic groups of professionals to provide visibility to the Physician Liaison role across the nation.  AAPL is an organization for liaisons, led by liaisons, and can be a pivotal tool in your arsenal to excel in your career.  

If you have any questions regarding this program, please email us at

American Association
of Physician Liaisons, Inc.
461 Cochran Road, #246
Pittsburgh, PA 15228 USA

Phone: 571-402-AAPL (2275)
Fax: 412-344-0599

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