AAPL REgional meetings

These programs will provide top notch professional development topics at a price point that is affordable and more accessible to physician liaison teams with smaller budgets. Whether larger programs send their full team, or smaller programs send a key individual, make sure that you plan to have someone attend this educational offering.

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Welcome to the AAPL Regional Networking Meeting

Tom Anderson, AAPL President

Physician Liaison
Brigham Health / Brigham and Women’s Hospital


A Message from the C-Suite "UMMHC Physician Relations - A System Approach"

Cheryl Lapriore, SVP & Chief of Staff UMMHC, Chief Marketing Officer UMMHC,
UMass Memorial Health Ventures, Inc.

We are honored to welcome Cheryl as she shares her expertise including:

  • Helping the health care system increase service line referrals
  • Growing and retaining the managed care network doctors
  • Valuing what the physician relations team brings to the health care system by supporting overall efforts

Physician Liaisons and their Role in Issue Management

Darla Seehafer, Lead Client Strategist, Physicianology
Tea Leaves Health - Regional Meeting Sponsor

Physician liaisons wear many hats, but most spend the majority of their time managing physicians' issues. Physicianology allows you to identify and document pain points or difficulties for your referring physicians. It is important to document these issues so you have solid data that can be tracked all the way through to issue resolution. Having issue management as part of your PRM program allows you to identify areas of improvement and solve problems for your providers. It helps you decipher whether issues are IT-related, patient care-related, or something else entirely. It lets you pinpoint problems more easily so you can develop better solutions. If you successfully manage their issues to resolution, referring physicians will feel as though their input was heard and acted upon. Attend this session to learn the importance of issue management and resolution.


Stark Law Update

Meghan M. Cosgrove, Esq.

Partner, Barrett & Singal, P.C.

Abbey Friedler, Esq.

Barrett & Singal, P.C.

This session will provide a brief overview of the prohibition on physician self-referral law, commonly known as the Stark Law. The session will guide attendees through how to spot potential areas of concern under the Stark Law as well as the different options that may be available to protect certain financial relationships, including the non-monetary compensation and medical staff incidental benefits exceptions under the Stark Law, and fraud and abuse waivers applicable to certain accountable care organization arrangements. Instructive examples will be used to reinforce key concepts that attendees should be aware of with respect to the Stark Law.


Group Luncheon & UMASS Memorial Healthcare “A View from the C-Suite”

Dr. Stephen Tosi, Chief Physician Executive,
UMass Memorial Medical Group
Chief Medical Officer, UMMHC

Dr. Tosi will share the importance of the "Growing our Community Presence" program, for which he is a main sponsor.  He works in conjunction with the physician relations team and will talk about the importance of this relationship.  This round table discussion will take place during lunch.

Refocus Your Sales Plan and Jumpstart Results

Susan Boydell, Partner

Barlow/McCarthy Physician Relations Solutions

Month after month, quarter after quarter you hit the field working to earn more referrals but are you getting the results you would like to get?  The timing could be right to jumpstart your sales plan.  Learn how to analyze where you are, where you need to focus and what new or different field tactics you can deploy to get better results.

UMASS Memorial Health Care Physician Referral Marketing
Sarah Latorre, Senior Director – Physician Referral Marketing

Jodi Knode, Physician Relations Manager

Lois Luczynski, Physician Relations Manager

UMass Memorial Health Care

Our speakers will review the structure/set-up of the department, the reporting structure, and more.  They will also discuss innovative tactics that have been used successfully throughout the year to increase referrals and retain physicians / physician outreach.   

Knowledge Sharing Roundtables – Peer to Peer 

  • Dealing with Physicians in Consumer Driven and Tiered Healthcare Plans: Share and learn strategies that work for influencing referrals when the insurance companies are persuading patients' choices.
  • Best Practices for Reports to Leadership: Do you have a tried and true method for impacting leadership?
  • Accountable Care Organizations / Clinically Integrated Networks: Their impact on your program.
  • Unique Referral Strategies / Apps and Central Scheduling: Driving referrals can be challenging.  Sometimes it can be influenced by the ease of the referral utilizing great scheduling tools.


Closing Remarks

Tom Anderson, AAPL President

Physician Liaison
Brigham Health / Brigham and Women’s Hospital

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