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Driving the Patient Experience Across the
Continuum of Care

 Thursday, September 21, 2017
 12 noon - 1:00 pm EDT

Presented By
Deb Miller
Chief Experience Officer
Comprehensive Pain Specialists

There isn’t a segment of the healthcare continuum today that isn’t forced to do more with less. Reimbursement pressures continue to rise and physicians, and their patients, are now enduring a production medicine environment. And despite the conditions, we are held financially and morally responsible for patient satisfaction. With providers spending only 27% of their time face-to-face with a patient, impacting the patient experience at every turn has never been more difficult and more important. Deb Miller, Chief Experience Officer for Comprehensive Pain Specialists, will discuss the role we all play in the patient experience across the continuum of care and how we can optimize and add value to the eroding time we have with patients.

During this live event on Thursday, September 21, you will:

  • Understand that each person within a healthcare organization is a caregiver and is responsible for enhancing and advancing the patient experience. Attendees will learn how they can leverage every opportunity to bring the patient closer to their practice.
  • Define points of impact across the continuum of care and how practitioners can collaborate to assure an optimal patient experience
  • Learn best practices for delighting patients and their families within your practice and how to use optimal patient experience as a competitive advantage with your patients and referral partners.

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